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Are you positive your buildings are safe from the threat of asbestos? If not use our asbestos assessment survey. Asbestos was a very popular material used for building in the 1950s but has since been deemed hazardous. With current legislation it is essential that property owners manage any threat of asbestos. So if you are unsure get in touch today and book one of our building surveyors to complete an asbestos survey, and help you understand the possible extent of any asbestos containing materials.

Building Surveys and Home Buyers' Surveys

Our chartered surveyors can help you to avoid any unwanted issues or costs further down the line. Building assessment surveys are a series of very comprehensive checks, carried out by one of our specialists, where we follow a detailed structural survey of the property.

Building Surveys

A large portion of home buyers will solely use a mortgage valuation report before committing to buying a home; this can then open them up to being hit with large repair bills further down the line. At Edward Payne & Veness we want to help you avoid this trap by completing a home buyers' assessment survey so we can help you avoid any stress or additional costs in the future.

Home Buyers' Surveys

Asbestos Survey

During these checks our expert surveyors will be actively searching for potential problems or hazards, even if they are not initially obvious. Trust Edward Payne & Veness of Croydon to ensure your property assets or investment are structurally sound.

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